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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Collect Payout from Masspay

  1. Masspay will have sent you an email with the header “You just got paid! Activate now” 

  2. Follow the link to activate the account and/or log in to members.masspay.io

  3. If you are having trouble receiving the authorization code, make sure that there is a "1" in front of the mobile phone number

  4. Click the orange "Transfer" button (once logged in) to withdraw the funds in the method of your choosing.

Visit this link for more resources:  https://learn.masspay.io/knowledge/payee-suppor


How to Sign Up as an Associate

  1. Visithttps://tuuwa.net

  2. Click on the "Associates Tab" near the top of the website

  3. You will be redirected to the "Join. Share. Earn" page. Click on "JOIN NOW."

  4. If you don't have the sponsor's direct link, enter their first and last name, email, and their 6-digit Sponsor ID

  5. Once the sponsor ID is successfully validated, fill out your personal information

  6. On the enrollment page, you will see the required One-Time Enrollment Fee, which includes Affiliate One-Time $49.95 and Enrollment $9.95. Add these to cart.

  7. Optional: Choose to enroll in the Auto-Delivery program. In order to qualify for commissions, it's recommended to select one small Tuuwa oil and one small Tuuwa lotion, ensuring a minimum monthly purchase of $100.00

  8. Click "Complete Enrollment"

  9. Next, you will be prompted to provide your information. This section requires input of your personal details and your credit card information

  10. Finish enrollment


Q: Can I use this product if I'm pregnant?

A: People of all genders, ages, and backgrounds can safely use our products without any concerns. However, if you are pregnant, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using our product.

Q: Can I use Tuuwa Oil & Lotion if I have sensitive skin?

A: Yes, our Tuuwa products are made from all-natural ingredients and do not include any harmful active components. They are completely free of propylene glycol, petroleum derivatives, phthalates or parabens, artificial fragrances, and toxic preservatives.

Q: Do you need a prescription to use Tuuwa Oil and Lotion?                        

A: Tuuwa products do not require a prescription. They are available for purchase directly and can be used like other OTC (over-the-counter) products without the need for a prescription from a healthcare professional. Tuuwa products are designed to provide relief and support for various conditions, and they are accessible for anyone seeking their benefits.

Q: Is it safe to use the Tuuwa Relief Oil or Lotion? Can I get addicted to it?      

A: Our Tuuwa Products are completely safe to use, as it is made from 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. It has undergone clinical testing and has been proven to have no known side effects. Moreover, our Relief Oil & Lotion with Herbal Boost can be applied multiple times a day without any harmful effects. It does not contain addictive substances like opioids or cannabinoids. You can use it confidently without worrying about addiction.

Q: Will Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil or Lotion produce a heating or cooling effect? 

A: No, our Tuuwa Products will not generate any heating or cooling sensations.

Q: Is it safe to use Tuuwa on children?                                                             

A: Tuuwa oil and lotion is safe for use on both adults and children who are two or more years old.  However, it is important to consult a physician before using Tuuwa on children who are younger than 2 or if they have other health issues.

Q: What happens if I ingest Tuuwa Oil or Lotion?                                                     

A: In the event of accidental ingestion of Tuuwa by a child or adult, seek immediate medical assistance. Though our ingredients are composed of mainly natural herbs and essential oils, it is not safe for consumption. 

Q: Can Tuuwa oil and lotion be used on pets?                                                         

A: Tuuwa is not intended for use on pets. It is designed for human use only, as Tuuwa Oil and Lotion have not been tested on animals. If your pet accidentally ingests Tuuwa, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately. Make sure to have the product label on hand for reference when speaking to the veterinarian about the situation. Tuuwa products are also cruelty-free and do not involve animal testing. 

Q: Where is Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil & Lotion produced?                                           

A: Tuuwa products are proudly made in the USA, with all products undergoing thorough research, development, and manufacturing processes within the country.

Q: Can Tuuwa Tension Relief Oil or Lotion with Herbal Boost affect sports or regular physical activities? How should I use it?                                                     

A: Our Tuuwa Products with Herbal Boost can positively impact your sports performance and regular physical activities. It aids in enhancing your overall performance by reducing the risk of severe soreness, cramping, and minor injuries. We recommend applying the oil before and after your workout or physical activities, focusing on the workout areas and lymph nodes. By incorporating it into your routine, you can experience an enhanced workout capacity, enjoy your exercises more, and recover faster from the post-exercise soreness.

Q: If I don't experience any pain or discomfort, can I still benefit from using Tension Relief Oil or Lotion?                                                                                      

A: Absolutely! With our Tuuwa Products we prioritize overall wellness and recognize that each individual has unique needs. Tuuwa Products have 5 major functions: anti-inflammation, circulation improvement, increase in stamina, tension and stress reduction, and any type of pain or discomfort management. Our products are designed to support and enhance your well-being by maintaining and improving your overall health and comfort. Even if you don't currently experience any pain or discomfort, incorporating Tuuwa into your daily routine can contribute to an elevated quality of life and increased wellness.

Q: I spend most of my time working at a desk with a computer, and I frequently experience stiffness and tightness in my neck and shoulders. Can Tuuwa Oil or Lotion provide any relief?      A: Yes, in a recent clinical study, 81.1% of participants reported a reduction in pain within just 20 minutes of using our oil. Our specially formulated oil is designed to quickly alleviate the discomfort you're experiencing in your neck and shoulders. With regular use, it can help restore normal function to these areas, allowing you to find relief from the stiffness and tightness caused by prolonged desk work.

Q: As a teacher who spends a lot of time standing, I often experience tiredness in my feet by the end of the day. Can Tension Relief Oil or Lotion provide relief?                                                                                                                 

A: Yes, continuous use and strain on specific body parts can result in fatigue and potentially lead to chronic injuries. To address your concern, we suggest applying first Tuuwa Oil and afterwards Tuuwa Lotion before starting your workday and again after returning home. Our oil and lotion are specifically designed to alleviate the tiredness in your feet effectively. Additionally, using it during breaks at work can accelerate recovery and aid in releasing toxins, further enhancing the relief you experience.

Q: My 83-year-old mother suffers from arthritis, and she experiences difficulties with sleep as well as a decline in energy, digestion, and motivation. Can Tuuwa Products benefit seniors like my mom?

 A: Absolutely, our Tension Relief Oil contains ingredients that have been studied by reputable institutions for their anti-inflammatory, energy-increasing, and pain reduction properties. Both the oil & lotion can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by arthritis and aid in improving your mother's sleep quality. With better sleep, she may experience faster recovery from other symptoms and an overall improvement in her well-being.

How do I apply Tuuwa Relief Oil and Lotion?

 To apply Tuuwa Oil and Lotion effectively, follow these instructions accordingly:

  1. Start your day by applying Tuuwa Relief Oil and Tuuwa Relief Lotion to the trouble areas and lymph nodes. Apply both the oil and lotion in the morning, before bed in the evening, and anytime you are dealing with pain or discomfort. This routine helps moisturize your skin and provide general relief.

  1. If you have specific trouble areas or lymph nodes that require attention, use Tuuwa Relief Oil along with the desired amount of Tuuwa Relief Lotion. Apply this combination multiple times throughout the day, as needed. This targeted approach helps address localized discomfort.

  1. Prior to and after engaging in workouts or physical therapy sessions, apply both Tuuwa Relief Oil and Lotion. Pre-workout application helps prevent soreness and potential injuries. Additionally, Tuuwa products can enhance circulation and boost energy levels.

  1. Consider incorporating massage therapy into your routine alongside Tuuwa Relief Oil. Apply the oil first, followed by the desired amount of Tuuwa Relief Lotion during the massage session. This combination can further enhance the benefits of the massage.

  1. For professional athletes or individuals experiencing severe conditions, it is recommended to start with Tuuwa Relief Oil and follow it up with Tuuwa Relief Lotion. Apply this combination all over the body multiple times a day, with a minimum of 5 applications. The frequency of usage is crucial for achieving optimal results in such cases.

  2.  If you do not have specific issues but wish to enhance and maintain your quality of life, feel free to use Tuuwa Oil, Lotion, or both according to your preference. Incorporate them into your daily routine, especially before and after workouts, to support overall well-being.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively apply Tuuwa Oil and Lotion to experience their beneficial effects on your body. Remember to adjust the frequency and amount of product used based on your individual needs and desired results.

If you accidentally get Tuuwa Oil or Lotion  in your eye, follow these steps:

  1. Immediately rinse your eye with cool water. Allow the water to gently flow over your eye, flushing out any Tuuwa residue. You can also consider taking a shower with warm water, allowing it to run over your forehead and down through your eyes for about fifteen minutes.

  1. After rinsing, assess your eye for any persistent discomfort or irritation. If the problem persists or worsens, seek medical help. Contact an eye care professional or visit an emergency room for further evaluation and treatment.

  1. When seeking medical assistance, remember to bring the Tuuwa Oil and/or Lotion with you. Having the product available will allow healthcare professionals to identify the specific ingredients and provide appropriate guidance.

If you develop a rash or experience mild skin irritation from Tuuwa Oil and Lotion, follow these steps:

  1. Discontinue using the product immediately to prevent further irritation.

  1. Take a lukewarm bath and relax for about twenty minutes to soothe your skin.

  1. If the rash continues or worsens, it is advisable to consult your doctor for further evaluation and guidance.

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